The following individuals make up the School’s Governing Body:

Chair of Governors: Andrew Hirst

Vice Chair: Julie Isham

Headteacher: Sarah Bone

Staff Governor: Ian Walton

Co-opted Governors: Andrew Hirst, Julie Isham, Ken Johnston, Liz Philpot, Matthew Pollard, Phil Robson, Lynne Porter-King, Philip Sutterby

Local Authority Governor:

Parent Governors: Lorraine Coates, Rob Ellerton, Victoria Exon, Elaine Hewitt

If you would like to contact any of the governors please call PA to the Senior Leadership Team on 01262 676198 ext 214, email us at

Governors - Register Of Interest

Name Category Term of Office Responsibility Committees Register of Interest
Achievement Behaviour & Safety Leadership & Management
Sarah Bone Headteacher 4 Years Training Link X X X Director of Rosedale Centre Ltd.
Lorraine Coates Parent 4 Years X
Rob Ellerton Parent 4 Years X
Victoria Exon Parent 4 Years X X Holds the position of Responsible Financial Officer with Bridlington Town Council.
“Appointment Pending” Parent
Andrew Hirst Co-Opted 4 Years Chair, Educational Visits X X X (Chair) Provides services to Airco Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Limited who are suppliers to ERYC. Director of Rosedale Centre Ltd.
Lynne Porter-King Co-Opted
Julie Isham Co-Opted 4 Years Vice Chair, S E N Governor, Children Looked After, Child Protection X X (Chair) X
Ken Johnston Co-Opted 4 Years X X Director - Tops Garage Doors Ltd. Director of Rosedale Centre Ltd.
Liz Philpot Co-Opted 4 Years Careers Education & Guidance X Employed as Renaissance Program Manager (Bridlington) for EYRC
Matthew Pollard Co-Opted 4 Years X
Phil Robson Co-Opted 4 Years X (Chair) X
Ian Walton Co-Opted
Philip Sutterby Co-Opted
“Appointment Pending” LA (ERYC)