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Welcome to the Headlands School news page. We will be posting news, notices and letters home from school and more over the year. Keep up to date with all aspects of our busy school life here.

Public Health Letter

We have learnt today that one of our students has been admitted to hospital with suspected meningitis. The meningitis may be due to meningococcal infection.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

As part of the Sixth Form enrichment programme at the end of the Christmas holidays a group of 7 Sixth Form students undertook a 2 day intensive TEFL course. This gives them the ability to teach English abroad should they wish to take a year out or work abroad in the future. They all thoroughly enjoyed the course and passed with flying colours!

Reach For The Stars

Reach For The Stars

On the 24th of January 2017, a group of Year 9 students got the chance to get together with Yorkshire Coast Radio and the FORCE team for a morning filled with laughter, fun and inspiration.

Rewards Trip

I am writing to you to inform you of the plans for School Rewards Trips between now and the end of the School year. In response to parent and student feedback we have revised the eligibility criteria for these trips. Thank you for all your suggestions.

Year 8 & 11 Pathways Evening

I am writing to remind all parents that we have a Year 8 and Year 11 Pathways Evening on Wednesday 25 January 2017 from 6.00pm until 8.00pm.

Detention System

The afterschool detention system works alongside the Positive Discipline system, not only to encourage good behaviour in school, which in turn creates the ideal learning environment for your child, but also to deliver a clear message to our students that inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and will be sanctioned accordingly.

Christmas Letter

The year 2016 has been a great one for us here at Headlands School. Across all year groups, I am proud to say our students continue to work tirelessly to make at least good progress in their learning, day in, day out and as a result they are securing at least good academic results across all their subject areas.

Grant Secured To Improve Our Outdoor Areas

Grant Secured To Improve Our Outdoor Areas

We are delighted to let you know that following the Tesco Bags of Help vote in your local Tesco store, our project came first and has been chosen by Tesco Customers to receive a grant award of £12,000.00!