Reach For The Stars

Reach For The Stars

On the 24th of January 2017, a group of Year 9 students got the chance to get together with Yorkshire Coast Radio and the FORCE team for a morning filled with laughter, fun and inspiration.

Year 9 Aspirations Event – ‘Reach for the Stars’ Written by Kira Walker (Year 9) and Chloe Tindall (Year 9)

On the 24th of January 2017, a group of Year 9 students got the chance to get together with Yorkshire Coast Radio and the FORCE team for a morning filled with laughter, fun and inspiration.

The aim of the event was to encourage young people to think about their future, and to make them aware of higher education and the opportunities available to them. The theme ‘reach for the stars’ ran throughout the session and was used to help raise aspiration by connecting the dots between education, work and a happy, fulfilling personal life.

The team that came in to work with our students were made up of local people who went to school in the area, including one that attended Headlands. They also live and work in the area, working across radio broadcasting, journalism, business management, sport, website development and social media and all for a hugely popular local brand, Yorkshire Coast Radio.

The students undertook a range of activities including group discussion, a look at celebrity life and how education has played a part in the lives of many people they look up to across music, film, sport and more. One challenging activity involved organising cards with a variety of scenarios on them about what students could possibly do in the future, for example ‘Going on lots of holidays’, ‘Being happy’, ‘Spending time with family’, ‘Work with inspiring people’ and ‘Buy a nice car’. They were asked to order the scenarios from 1-10 making number 1 the most important and 10 least important. This helped students realise that having a lot of money or getting an expensive car is not the most important wish for when they are older. They then took part in two other exciting activities. The first involved creating a radio feature about the importance of university which involved an interview with the managing director of Game Republic, a leading company working in Yorkshire in the computer game industry…another relatable and interesting business sector.

Finally, students got the opportunity to go rock climbing where they were guided through how to climb in the best way whilst following the rules of health and safety with the rock climbing crew. There were stars on top of the wall with scenarios on them (the same ones from earlier). The aim was to climb up the wall and ‘Reach for the Stars’.

Kira Walker (year 9) said “The staff at Yorkshire Coast Radio were brilliant and encouraged us to open-up our minds to new and different things to contemplate. The team listened to our individual ideas and what we had to say but also challenged our thoughts, made us think and reconsider our small ideas to make them bigger. They also taught us about going off to University, getting degrees and how they ended up getting to where they are now. They encouraged us to think about our future what we want to do and how to get there. Whilst recommending the idea of going to a University and getting a degree or qualification, they also reminded us that you don’t always have to do all that to get that specific job or to pursue your dream”.

Chloe Tindall (year 9) said “It was such an excellent opportunity and experience for all of us and we really enjoyed ourselves and would like to thank Yorkshire Coast Radio and Headlands School for letting us enjoy this workshop so much”.

Amy Cay (year 9) said “It’s been wonderful working with Yorkshire Coast Radio and we have the surreal feeling that we are finally growing up and has opened our eyes up to the idea of university. I think that today will help us think about our choices for later in our lives”

Tim Watson, commercial Manager at Yorkshire Coast Radio said “Headlands School were among the most proactive in engaging with the project allowing this extra-curricular activity to be part of the school day and making their excellent facilities available to us. The students that took part were a credit to the school and their parents by participating with real enthusiasm and hopefully taking away valuable lessons that may just give them that extra confidence to pursue their personal passions and Reach For The Stars”.

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