Headlands School Uniform Requirements

All students in Years 7-11 are expected to wear school uniform. We look to parents to support us in maintaining good standards of dress. Wearing school uniform encourages a positive attitude to school and work. The table below describes Headlands School Uniform requirements.

Inline Pupil Lineup
  • Headlands black V neck jumper or cardigan with Headlands logo
  • Standard plain black school trousers or plain black knee length school skirt (no lycra fabric)
  • Plain white school shirt or blouse
  • Plain black school shoes
  • Headlands House Tie
    • Lords – Purple
    • Millennium – Yellow
    • Twickenham – Red
    • Wembley – Blue

Uniform can be ordered from Price & Buckland

Jewellery and make up

The wearing of jewellery and make up is inappropriate and in some cases may pose a health and safety risk; in addition some jewellery may be expensive and the school cannot be held responsible for loss or damage. Consequently jewellery is restricted to:

  • A watch (not a smart watch)
  • A single signet ring
  • 1 simple ear stud

Students should not dye their hair bright colours.

No make-up, this includes foundation and mascara.

Modification of School Uniform

Students have always tried to adapt the school uniform to their individual tastes, it is important that we maintain a standard uniform.

The following are examples of such adaptations and are not allowed:

Trousers – denim, canvas, cropped, jogger, leggings, excessively tight, excessively narrow around the ankles

Shoes – trainers, boots of any kind, canvas pumps, coloured side walls, piping, logos, stripes

Tights – footless.

In addition students will often add fashion belts, large ear rings, bangles, wrist bands, beads, necklaces and a variety of hats. These are also not allowed – appropriate hats can be worn outside the school building when the weather is cold. Base ball style caps are not permitted in the school grounds.


  • Food – Bib apron with large black and white check
  • Resistant Materials – Bib apron, plain beige or with school logo


Inline Pupil Sports Uniform
  • Plain red polo shirt with short sleeves
  • Plain black shorts
  • Plain black / plain red crew neck sweat shirt (optional)
  • Plain black jogging / tracksuit bottoms (optional)
  • Plain long red football socks
  • Non marking trainers
  • Football boots (optional)
  • White socks for summer

PE Kit is compulsory even if students are not actively participating in the lesson.

Please note that if playing for a school football team, School BLACK shorts and long red socks must be worn.

Headlands School Footwear Examples

Parents, please note

If parents are in any doubt, they should contact their child’s Head of Year before purchasing any item.