Peer Mentoring

The Peer Mentoring Scheme was set up in April 2008. Year 9 pupils were all invited to apply for the role of Peer Mentor and 15 were selected and then took part in various training sessions in order to develop their skills and prepare them for their mentoring roles.

During the summer term all mentors then visited the feeder Primary Schools to talk to the Year 6 Pupils about the scheme and assure them that support is always there if they needed it as they made the transition from Primary to Secondary School.All trained mentors are easily identifiable to the rest of the school by their eye catching green hoodies and black polo shirts.

All Peer Mentoring takes place in the ‘Peer Mentoring room’ which is open to all Year 7 pupils at break and lunchtimes. We operate a drop-in centre as well as one to one mentoring.

For any Year 7 pupils with specific needs we also offer one to one support. Once a Year 7 pupil has been highlighted a mentor will be ‘buddied’ up with a mentee and they then meet regularly to chat through any issues.

Full Peer Mentoring

Throughout the school there are various notice boards with pictures of the mentors for all to see. We also advertise the specific days that the mentors will be available in the room so that the mentees will know when a particular mentor is available.

As a mentoring team we strongly support and promote the ethos of anti-bullying. We are fully involved in the National anti-bullying week in November and see that as an ideal opportunity to highlight the issues surrounding bullying. We also have a bullying board which reiterates the safe haven that the mentoring room can provide for all our students.

The scheme is now fully embedded within Headlands School and each year a new cohort of Year 9 pupils are trained as mentors in order to support the new intake of Year 7 pupils. We have been awarded the title of Regional Champion School for Peer Mentoring and currently showcase our work as an example of good practice. We have also achieved the Approved Provider Standard for Peer Mentoring which is a National Benchmark for organisations providing mentoring schemes.


If you have any issues regarding Peer Mentoring then please do not hesitate to contact us. The co-ordinators of the programme are Mr Hewitt and Mrs Stamper.