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Show My Homework

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: Show My Homework

Last year, we made the exciting move to recording homework via ‘Show My Homework’ which can be accessed via either app or desk top computer. The system proved very successful and popular with parents and students alike, leading to many positives.

The purpose of this letter is to introduce our new parents to ‘Show My Homework’ whilst also reminding those of you with children in years 8-13, how to access the system. As previously stated, it is a website / App which can be accessed via a mobile phone, tablet or desk top computer. The system provides a comprehensive service and represents our on-going commitment to improving your child’s experience, part of which is providing them with meaningful learning opportunities outside of the classroom that continue to challenge them and ensure they realise their full potential.

During tutor time this week, students in Year 7 will be given their login details whilst those students in years 8 – 13, if necessary, can ask to be reminded of their pin. Students are then asked to ensure that they sign up / login to the app/online version of www.showmyhomework.co.uk which is a free service. If students require any help or support in doing this, they can ask their form tutor or year 7 students can seek help in their IT lessons.

There are many advantages to this app, one being that as parents, you also have a pin. If your child is in years 8 – 13, you will have received your pin last year and the details you registered then remain valid; if you are the parent of a child in year 7, your child will be bringing home a letter which has details of your pin and how to register. Once you have logged into the site using your pin, you will be able to see what homework your child has been set, when the homework is due in and any resources that relate to the homework, therefore enabling you to support your child with their homework and also their time management. However, should either yourself or your child misplace your pin, you can still get an overview of what homework has been set through accessing the main website, typing in Headlands School and searching for your child’s classes. In addition, notifications will be sent reminding your child of their deadlines and therefore ensuring they remain focused and on track.

In order to sign up and allow you to support your child, please follow the simple instructions below:

1. Go to www.showmyhomework.co.uk on your desktop, or search for the ‘showmyhomework’ app on your phone and download this. There is a link to the site / APP on the school’s website (click on ‘Links’ in top right hand corner)

2. Scroll down under the login box and follow the following link:

3. Enter the School’s name: Headlands School and the Pin code you have been supplied with; once you have done this, click to confirm you are the parents / carer of the named student and press enter.

4. Enter the details as requested; you will need an active e-mail account, and then save. You should then get the following message:

5. Once you click continue, you will have access to your child’s homework calendar and homework tasks.

We believe this remains an effective tool for ensuring effective communication between home and school in relation to the setting and completion of high quality homework.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Mrs G Rogers
Assistant Head (Assessment for learning and Curriculum)

Show me my homework

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