Year 9 & 10 Leaving Site at Lunchtime May 2018

15 May 2018

Dear Parent / Carer

Students leaving site at lunchtime

The legal position is that lunchtime is part of the legally defined school day so the school has control of what happens in this time. From Monday 4 June 2018 students in Years 9 & 10 will be granted permission to leave site at lunchtime. This is on the condition they have not received any “negative comments” in their Student Planner the previous day.

For Safeguarding and Fire Evacuation purposes, students need to use a swipe card system on exit and entry to the school site. Students will be provided with a personalised swipe card on their return to school after the May half-term break during Period 1.

As a school we do reserve the right to refuse students leaving site at lunchtime. We also reserve the right to sanction students, in line with the Schools Behaviour Policy, if they misbehave whilst off the school site.

It is also important to reiterate here that whilst off-site, the behaviour of students is a parent’s responsibility.

Students with permission to leave the site at lunchtime must leave within 10 minutes of the start of lunch and not return until 1.10pm.

Students must not loiter near the site but go home as soon as they leave.

If you do not give permission for your child (ren) to leave the school site at lunchtime please inform Student Services in writing by Wednesday 23 May 2018.

Parents will be asked annually if they wish their permission to roll over into the following academic year.

Yours sincerely,






Mr G Crossley

Assistant Head Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare