Staff Organisation

Please find detailed below the names of key contacts within the school:

Roles Responsibilities SLT 2019 – 2020.docx

Headteacher: Mrs S Bone

Deputy Headteacher - Quality of Education: Mrs A Stamford

Assistant Headteacher - Curriculum: Mrs G Rogers

Assistant Headteacher – Behaviour: Mr A Edwards

Assistant Headteacher - Data and Timetable: Ms T Roberts

Associate Assistant Headteacher (SENCO): Mr I Walton

Associate Assistant Headteacher - Community: Mr D Stamper

Associate Assistant Headteacher – Communication: Ms L Woodward

Associate Assistant Headteacher – Mathematical Literacy: Mr R Fraser

Associate Assistant Headteacher – Sixth Form: Mr B Cooke

Director - Human Resources & Business Operations: Mrs T McCann

Director of Student Services: Mrs F Westcott

Personal Development Coordinator: Ms J Renard

Year Leaders: Miss Massey (Year 7), Mr Robinson (Year 8), Mrs Barker (Year 9), Mr Gilbert (Year 10) and Mrs Douthwaite (Year 11)

Director of English: Ms L Woodward

Director of Science: Mrs A McKean

Director of Maths: Mr R Fraser

Director of International Community and Student Voice: Mr M Doyle

Head of Sport: Mr M Hoult

Head of Perfoming Arts: Mrs C Morgan

Head of Art: Mrs V Bannister

Head of History: Ms P Bradley

Head of Geography: Mr A Woolley

Head of Religious Studies: Miss S Peck

Head of Technology: Mr J Shaw

Head of ICT and Business Studies: Mr D Maling

Head of MFL: Mr M Doyle

  • Headlands School
  • Sewerby Road
  • Bridlington
  • Y016 6UR
  • Headlands School
  • Sewerby Road
  • Bridlington
  • Y016 6UR