Why choose Headlands School?

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our school.

Key Statistics
As a parent myself, I am sure you want to hear some numbers and statistics that demonstrate the excellent achievements of our students here at Headlands School? So here goes…

A Level

Headlands School celebrated some brilliant A Level results in 2019. 67% of our students achieved an A*-B grade or equivalent, and the average result of our students was a C+.

  • A Level
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • A* - B
  • 46.3
  • 40.8
  • A* - C
  • 73
  • 66.9
  • A* - E
  • 98.5
  • 96.4


In 2019, we celebrated 72% of our students receiving a grade 4 and above in both English and Maths, and 42.4% of students receiving a grade 5 and above.

  • GCSE
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 5 x A* - C
  • 60.1
  • 52.7
  • 5 x A* - C Inc. Eng & Maths
  • 54.9
  • 46.3
  • 5 x A* - G
  • 98.7
  • 92.6

Furthermore student’s Attainment 8 and Progress 8 values, which are excellent indicators of how well students have attained (compared nationally) and another government benchmark of “success,” were:

  • English
  • Maths
  • 3+ Levels Progress (expected)
  • 77.6%
  • 67.1%
  • 4+ Levels Progress(>expected)
  • 28.9%
  • 27%

Whilst I recognise that these statistics are significant, it is important to note here they don’t actually get to the essence of what is so unique about our school.

Student Leadership

Student Leadership is the difference; it is what makes Headlands School truly unique. We have the finest students, who take seriously their responsibilities to be great citizens and to create great communities. You will hear Student Leadership mentioned in every school, but in our school it is at the heart of all we do and at the heart of our transformational journey. Our student body drive us all to be better, to take our community more seriously and to make a difference in our community and beyond.

Our Priorities

Our school is built on two overriding principles:

1. That every child feels safe and happy at school. A happy child is more likely to succeed. We regularly discuss as a staff body, that a child who is anxious about school, will not spend their evenings doing great homework or striving to excel. We therefore place great emphasis on getting to know every child. Every child will have a meeting four times a year with either me or my Deputy Headteacher to see how they are feeling and if there is any support we can offer them in or outside of school.

2. Once we have established point 1, we then strive to ensure that every student will excel in their studies.

I make no apologies for my next statement. The Governors and I have worked tirelessly to make sure we employ the best staff – be they teachers or members of our associate team. It is these staff have supported and challenged, in equal measure, our students to strive for the best possible results they can.

Come and see for yourself

I recognise, as a parent of two children myself, the importance of coming to look around our school during the working day. Please contact our main reception and ask for a tour of the school, led by either myself or one of my Senior Team. I know you will be impressed with what you see in terms of our students and our staff body.

I trust you will find our website and school both inspiring and welcoming. Welcome to Team Headlands.

  • Headlands School
  • Sewerby Road
  • Bridlington
  • Y016 6UR
  • Headlands School
  • Sewerby Road
  • Bridlington
  • Y016 6UR