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Design & Technology

Our Curriculum: Design & Technology

D&T at Headlands covers a wide range of technologies – from traditional woodworking skills and cookery, to high tech robotics and 3D printing. Pupils at KS3 follow the National Curriculum Programme of Study (PoS), which provides a broad background framework for all we do in Y7 and Y8.

Pupils work in well-equipped workshops, computer suites and kitchens, carrying out a range of design and make activities and focused practical tasks.

Our curriculum is designed to encourage creativity, develop problem solving abilities and a general enthusiasm for designing and making – by ensuring we work with a wide range of materials in a variety of different contexts.

Pupils are also encouraged to reflect on the wider impact of D&T – for example the sustainability of the ingredients and materials they work with.

Open-ended design tasks are often used to allow for maximum extension/challenge and maximum progress.  Support is also given to enable all to engage, feel confident and achieve.

D&T at KS4 is an option – we offer GCSEs in 3D Design and Food Preparation and Nutrition. We have a strong uptake of the subjects at this level with many pupils opting to study the subject specialisms in more depth.

Pupils studying D&T develop a wide range of knowledge and skills. Our pupils continue to move forward into further and higher education and employment, as well as gaining some essential skills for life.

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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Delivery

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Click on the links below to see how students are assessed in D&T in Years 7, 8 and 9.

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