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Our Curriculum: Maths

At Headlands, we are committed to the concept that Maths, as a subject, is neither discrete nor disconnected from the wider aspects of students’ lives and the world around them. Consequently, we believe that a key feature of our curriculum offer is to enable our students to become resilient problem solvers and “can do” individuals, equipped with the confidence to succeed in their chosen future destinations. As mathematicians, we use the numerical world as our platform to achieve this aim.

At KS3 a range of fundamental Maths topics are studied in Years 7, 8 and 9. The topics that are studied in Year 7 are revisited in both Years 8 and 9 whereby students have the opportunity to review their end points from the previous year. A process of recap/consolidate/extend is applied in order to enable students to progress throughout this Key Stage.

KS4 (Years 10 and 11) continues the process of progression towards the clearly defined end point of successful GCSE outcomes.

End points are defined to students throughout each given year in terms of stated key objectives (knowledge/ skills/ application) within each topic studied. A common theme that runs through all of the Maths curriculum is that of “problem solving” (application) and this is explored within each topic at appropriate points once fluency (knowledge/ skills) has been developed.

Our curriculum remains broad and balanced throughout our students’ time at Headlands. At KS3 our curriculum contains three distinct Schemes of Learning (matching students’ prior attainment data) so that students are given an appropriate level of challenge that matches their ability and understanding whilst ensuring that all students are studying the same broad topic headings.

Similarly, at KS4 the Scheme of Learning is split into two tiers (Foundation and Higher), ensuring that students are studying at an appropriate level across a broad range of Maths knowledge/ skill based and problem solving topics; number, algebra, ratio/proportion/rates of change, geometry/measures, probability, statistics.

Our curriculum is planned to include regular learning reviews which ensure that students embed key concepts in their long term memory. Topics within the mathematical spectrum typically overlap/connect with other topics and this provides opportunities for iterative assessment within the regular learning reviews, further enabling students to embed key concepts.

We view the content of our curriculum as a map of knowledge/skills/application across the mathematical spectrum. This ranges from basic numeracy skills through to the use of more complex mathematical formulae and techniques through to mathematical proof and abstract/ algebraic, higher level mathematical thinking.

Wherever our students’ understanding may be within this spectrum at different stages, we ensure that the content is appropriate and will enable our students to move to the next stage or the next connected point within their learning. This approach has been carefully planned and sequenced to enable all students to acquire the intended knowledge and skills appropriate for their potential by the time they leave Headlands School.

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