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Our Curriculum: Music

Our curriculum at Headlands is designed to build towards success at BTEC Level 2 and A level, as well as equipping students with the creativity, confidence and resilience to maximise their future achievements and cope with challenges they meet along the way.  The KS3 curriculum provides a broad range of topics designed to help students develop their appreciation of music but also the technical skills and understanding to perform and compose music in a confident and individual way. There is a strong focus on ensemble playing and self-reflection. The music curriculum explores a range of musical styles (classical, pop and world music) in order to provide a broad and balanced musical experience and help students become aware of the diverse range of influences on our culture, in particular the arts.

Both KS3 and KS4 curricula enable students to prepare with confidence for BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice.  All students will study this vocational award with Pearson.  Lessons are carefully sequenced, designed and differentiated to support the progress of individual students who have a range of starting points and levels of prior attainment, so that all succeed and feel proud and confident in their achievements. The Music Department is staffed by 2 dedicated and experienced subject specialists who work in close collaboration to support students’ engagement and attainment. We offer a range of extra-curricular projects to support the learning of students, ranging from singing groups, Ukulele groups and musical theatre rehearsals to ‘Battle of the Bands’.

The success of our curriculum is evident in our students’ exam results and in the confidence with which they take the next steps in their education or employment options.  We also judge our curriculum’s success in the ways that students become rounded human beings with strong emotional intelligence and a love of learning and appreciation of the arts.

7 Year Music Curriculum Plan

Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

Year 7 Music Assessment Grid

Year 8 Music Assessment Grid

Year 9 Music Assessment Grid

Music Posters

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