Religious Studies


At KS3 we start year 7 with a broad look at all six world religions and examine such things as beliefs, culture, art, worship and architecture, before looking at the debate between science and religion.

In Year 8 we look at commitment by looking at the lives of celebrated religious figure. We then look at then sacred scriptures of different religions, and the diversity of beliefs and culture in the UK. We then introduce philosophy of religion by looking at the Teleological argument for the existence of God, finishing off with a look at beliefs about life after death.


All students follow a programme of Ethics for one hour per week, covering many current moral issues – in recent years we have studies such topics as the death penalty, abortion and contraception, human trafficking and war.

Students can opt to study Religious Studies at GCSE and we currently offer the AQA Specification A, which is assessed exclusively by final examinations. Students spend three hours per week studying the following topics:


AQA Specification A-

2 exams:

Religious beliefs and practise

Thematic themes

Pupils must study two of the world’s main religions in depth knowing their beliefs and practises for the exam.

Over the course of three years pupils will study the beliefs and practises of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

For the second exam paper pupils must be able to link religion to the outside world. The themes pupils will answer their exam on are:

The Existence of God and Revelation

Relationships and Families

Religion and Life

Religion, Crime and Punishment

KS5- A Level

We offer OCR- Religious Studies (H173, H573)

This course runs wholly at Headlands school

The course runs over the 2 years, it has 3 exams for the 3 topics.

Developments in Christian Thought:

Nature of God

Person of Christ

Ideas on the afterlife

Christian moral development

Augustine on human nature

Philosophy of Religion:

Ancient Philosophers

Soul, Mind and Body

Problem of Evil

Observation Arguments

Religion and Ethics:

Kantian Ethics

Natural Law

Situation Ethics


Application of Ethics

For further information about any of our courses please contact Miss Peck (Head of Religious Studies).

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  • Headlands School
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