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UPDATE: Headlands School partial closure

Further message from headteacher Sarah Bone.

Thank you for your ongoing support in these uncertain times. I am aware that over the last 16 hours, questions have been posed on social media which my team and I would like to address here:

Why not close the whole school?

The decision to partially close Headlands School has been made because, operationally, we could not safely staff the school’s timetable.

This was because too many staff had to make the decision, in light of Boris Johnson’s announcement last night, to self-isolate for 14 days because either they, or a family member, was displaying the possible symptoms of Cornovirus.

To be clear, we have no confirmed cases of CV-19 to date.

Reducing the number of people in school allows us to:

a) Continue to teach students in key exam year groups. At the present time the Government has made no decision regarding the GCSE and A’ Level exam period. As such these students need to be our priority.

b) Significantly reduce social contact between us all.

c) Allow our fantastic cleaning staff to access an increased number of school spaces to continue to forensically clean them during the day.

How can students access learning online?

The Headlands School Remote Learning Policy clearly outlines that whilst we are not in physical contact with our students, there is still an explicit expectation that teaching staff will still be working and setting and marking work via various social media platforms.

Indeed, this is the procedure that many of the country’s universities have adopted this week.

Staff have been fully briefed on the expectations of this policy and have undertaken specific training to enable them to do this.

Please refer to the schools Remote Learning Policy, which can be found here

Could I continue to urge parents and carers to contact the team and I in an appropriate way and show caution in commenting on open social media platforms.

Your child’s happiness continues to remain a key priority and I am very aware of the impact inflammatory and derogatory comments – either about individual staff or the school – can have on their emotional and physical well-being.

Please continue to “model” to our students how we can appropriately communicate during these very difficult circumstances.

Once again thank you to the Headlands School community for your support – and keep the pictures coming of students working hard in creative and highly ingenious ways!

Take care,

Mrs Bone

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